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Dear first-year Theology Contact Student

The Faculty of Theology registration will only take place online. The orientation (R&O) programme will take place on each respective campus. Please be sure to download the NWU App for instant access to the R&O 2024 programme. Also be sure to go through the very important information on the NWU page for first-year students.


If you have any preliminary questions before finalising your registration, navigate to the Contact details section for more information. See below for more details.




Important dates

Apart from curriculum control and registrations, these dates are also important.

Qualification program information

Videos and presentations

The below videos represent our different qualification programmes, and will give you guidance (with regards to choosing modules for example):


Question and Answer sessions with Programme Leaders

First-year students who have questions pertaining to their registration are invited to attend one of the following in-person sessions:

  • 09 February 2023 @ 09:00 - 09:30
  • 09 February 2023 @ 14:00 - 15:00


Faculty R&O programme

Please follow the Faculty R&O programme in full via the NWU App or find the content on this web page. Also be sure to go through the very important information on the NWU page for first-year students.

Also note that the Faculty of Theology will be following an in-person mode in the R&O programme. For those visiting the campus please note the venues below:

  • Mafikeng - Building A1, Room G41
  • Potchefstroom - Building K11, Lecture room 110
  • Vanderbijlpark - Building A19, Room G02

The sessions will not be recorded, thus attendance is compulsory.



How to register

Please see the registration programme for when you can register for your chosen qualification.

Should you need assistance, the relevant programme leader/faculty coordinator can assist. Their details are:

When to register

The registration period for registrations is 22/01/2024 - 12/02/2024. Only online registration allowed.



Students now work out their timetables in an online platform. Click here for access. To access the link one needs to be signed on to the NWU network.


Contact details for more information

General enquiries: Antoinett Moerdyk (018 299 1847)

Programme specific enquiries:


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Download the NWU App to help you keep up with the programme.

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Download the NWU App to help you keep up with the programme.