Postgraduate Faculty Bursary


A. Honours Faculty Bursary

The Faculty of Theology has launched an initiative to award Hons Bursaries within the Faculty of Theology to our current final year graduating and qualifying undergraduate students who are also interested in doing a Masters and PhD degree within the Faculty of Theology at the North-West University.  This bursary scheme aims to provide financial support to promising postgraduate students within the Faculty of Theology, who cannot afford tertiary education and to give recognition to you as one of our students who performs academically very well.  

These Faculty Hons Bursaries (FHB) will cover the full tuition fee of a one-year Hons degree within the Faculty and is valid only once.  The Hons degree must be completed in a grace period of one year.

The minimum average to qualify for an FHB is an average of at least 65% in an applicant’s final year of undergraduate studies.

Considering the above, the following procedure needs to be followed:

Only prospective, qualifying Hons students can apply for an FHB by completing the FHB application form.  This completed document together with the required documentation need to be returned to before 10 January 2025.  No late applications will be accepted.  Incomplete application forms will deem to be invalid and will not be considered.

The Faculty Bursary Committee will meet before the end of January 2025 to address the received bursary applications.  

Students receiving FHB’s will be notified accordingly.

The bursary amount is repayable if a student fails to comply with any of the conditions below:

  • Terminate studies.
  • Does not complete the course within the prescribed period of one year.

The University also offers NWU Hons Bursaries.  

For the FHB application form, please click here.

For more information regarding these bursaries, please click here.


B. Masters/Doctoral Faculty Bursary

Eligible and interested Masters/Doctoral students registered in the Faculty of Theology should submit the following documentation as part of the application process:

  1. New enrolments (First-year Masters/Doctoral students):
  • Faculty Bursary Application Form.
  • Admission letter received from the faculty.
  • A letter (1-page maximum) in which you indicate that you apply for the bursary.  The following information should be noted in the letter:  initials, surname, name of study leader/promoter (or potential study leader or promoter), the qualification you are enrolled for / plan to enrol for, an acknowledgement that the student is enrolled as a full-time student, the working title of the MA or PhD project, the year in which the study is and motivation for the application.


  1. Progress bursary (Second-year postgraduate students and onwards):
  • Faculty Bursary Application Form.
  • A Progress Report to be completed by your study leader, indicating your progress in terms of the planned submission date or the percentage of completion. Kindly remember that it remains the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that this document is sent to the Bursary Administrator.
  • Your research proposal (the most recent version of the proposal with an indication if the proposal was already accepted by the Committee for Advanced Degrees) or a concept proposal (maximum of 3 pages with information about the working title of the study, a brief paragraph that contextualised the problem of the study, the problem that the study wants to focus on, the research questions and methods you plan to use to get information to answer the research questions and a BRIEF and SELECTED bibliography).
  • An NWU academic record is to be handed in with the aforementioned documentation.
  • A motivation letter, indicating why you apply for the bursary, must accompany your application if this is the first time you apply for the Progress bursary.


 Arrangements for the administration of the bursary

1.1 Applications must be submitted electronically to the Faculty Bursary Administrator via the email address:

1.2 Applications that comply with the eligibility criteria will be submitted to the Faculty Bursary Committee.

1.3 If your application is approved by the Committee, the following documentation must be submitted to the Faculty Bursary Administrator:

  • Your proof of registration.
  • The signed declaration in which you accept the bursary, the bursary terms and conditions.


Link to documentation: