Ethical Clearance


  • Ethics training

It is compulsory for all postgraduate students to familiarise themselves with the basic principles in order to be able to deal with ethics procedures while in the process of preparing the research proposal (RP).   


Proof of ethics training can be obtained by completing the online ethics course:



TRREE modules to complete:

  1. *Module 1 Introduction to research ethics
  2. *Module 2.1 Research ethics evaluation
  3. *Module 3.1 Informed consent
  4. *National supplement for South Africa





Human Research Ethics for the Social Sciences and Humanities web page:

  It is compulsory for each promoter/supervisor and his/her students to submit an ethics training certificate(s) when submitting the Research Proposal to the different committees for evaluation.



  • Application for Literature Studies

  1. 3B Application form for Literature studies
  2. Code of Conduct


  • Application for Empirical Studies (human participants)

  1. 3A Application form for Empirical Studies
  2. Code of Conduct 
  3. Questionnaire (if applicable)
  4. Structured interview (if applicable)
  5. Confidentiality Undertaking (if applicable)
  6. Indemnity form