After the registration of the title, the student submits chapter after chapter to the study leader/promoter. After all possible commentary from the study leader/promoter of a chapter has been satisfactorily dealt with the student may then proceed to the next chapter.

A PhD student must prepare an article, based upon the thesis and submit it for publication to an accredited journal.


An M-student is also encouraged to submit an article, together with the supervisor, for publication to an accredited journal, based upon the mini-dissertation/dissertation.

Important documents:

Postgraduate MS Word Template

Notice of Submission

Three months before submission for examination, a “Notification of Submission” document must be completed and sent to and to enable Annelize to verify that everything is in place for the student to submit.

Godfrey will then forward all the information and necessary documents for the submission, to the student and will inform the examiners.

Important Document:

Notice of Submission


Submission takes place at the offices of Higher degree by the university and will assist the students with it.

The student is responsible for the professional language editing of his/her manuscript. A list of accredited language editors is available at


A solemn declaration of the student must accompany the submission for examination.


PhD students must also submit their CV as well as a Personal Details document.


Each student’s final manuscript will be submitted to Turnitin by the study leader/promoter, so as to test for plagiarism.


Important Documents:

Solemn Declaration

Personal particulars of PhD student

How to submit electronically for examination

Examination and Results

Higher degree office sends the student's manuscript to the student's examiners. The examiners must then return an examination report to Higher degree office within 6 weeks.


When the Higher degree office has received all the examination reports for a student, they will send it to the faculty. At the faculty, the reports are submitted to the Postgraduate Examination Committee for a final result.


The result is communicated to the supervisor/promoters with a requested to them to prepare a memorandum for amendments if necessary. The result is also sent to the Higher Degree office, which will then formally inform the student of the result.


When a student has made the changes to the satisfaction, the supervisor/promoter gives the student permission to submit a final manuscript before the graduation ceremony.


Important documents:

Examination report

Examination guidelines

Faculty final mark template

Amendments and permission to bind


Once the examination process is completed, and the results are finalized resulting in the student passing, the student will qualify for the next graduation ceremony.


The student will then be officially invited by the university for the relevant graduation ceremony.


For any queries regarding the graduation ceremonies, please send an email to


Important documents:

Graduation Ceremonies