The Faculty of Theology of the North-West University practises the science of Theology on Reformational foundation. This implies recognition that the Word of God, the Bible, originated through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that the Bible is therefore inspired and authoritative. This is the basis on which all paradigms (including our own) are subjected to constant critical and reformative study, while accommodating staff members and students of other theological persuasions who respect this Reformational foundation and inclusive approach.(Read more)

The School of Ancient Language and Text Studies falls under the Faculty of Theology and is chiefly concerned with research relating to the Ancient World, its languages, and its material culture. The School houses leading authorities in Classical Latin, Ancient Greek, and the languages of the Ancient Near East, specifically the Aramaic and the Hebrew of the Tenach, but also Arabic, Acadian, Syriac, Ugaritic, and Old-Aramaic. (Read more)


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Female inmates received letters of attendance

The Faculty of Theology has once again experienced a special year with regard to its community engagement programs and projects. On the 20th of November, the female inmates at the Potchefstroom Correctional Services received recognition for attending and completing one of the courses presented by Prof. Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks. This day was a very special occasion for the female inmates when they received their letters of attendance with great gratitude. On this occasion, one of the officers of Correctional Services (Klerksdorp region) expressed his gratitude for the positive partnership between Correctional Services and the NWU. Mr. Sipho Mahlangu, Head of the Correctional Services mentioned the positive relations between the Faculty of Theology and Correctional Services. In particular, he emphasized the community projects of the Faculty that contribute immensely to the Correctional Services’ WHITE PAPER which pertains to the rehabilitation of prisoners. Prof. Freeks was also assisted and supported by some of his Pastoral students, namely Brighton Mojapelo, Lianca Liebenberg and Dineo Seleke.







PAST 222 Excursion 2019 - House Hebron


On Thursday the 10th of October 2019, Professor Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks organized the PAST 222 group's second excursion for the year at Hebron. The PAST 222 group is seventeen (17) in total and their theme on this occasion was: Have you ever tasted Jesus? with the sub-themes of repentance; hope; a new path to follow, and a focused life. This excursion was once again an unforgettable event and experience for the students. The Hebron people also enjoyed the discussions and motivation of the students immensely and worked well together. These Pastoral Counseling students have developed a great love for community engagement and -involvement. They mention that it is worthwhile helping, supporting and walking the extra mile with people, because that is the Will of God.







PAST 222 Excursion 2019 – Potchefstroom Remand Detention Facility



On Tuesday, 13 August 2019, Prof Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks once again undertook an excursion to the Potchefstroom Remand Detention Facility to the Potchefstroom Remand Detention Facility with his Pastoral Counseling students. The female inmates were very excited and appreciated   the students' participation and the interest they took in them. Some of the themes treated during this year's excursion were: the importance of time; resilience; forgiveness; a relationship with God and the value and worth of a human being. The students regarded the event as a valuable opportunity to work with the inmates and to gain experience. The excursion was not only about motivating, inspiring and encouraging inmates, but it was also a very emotional experience for both inmates and students.







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