Missiological Perspective

The study of and outreach towards people of different backgrounds and life views who do not know God or his Word, and to approach them in a sympathetic apologetic and holistic manner, and to answer their questions and views from the viewpoint of the Gospel.


The current focus of Missiological research is very wide and accommodating. The researchers that also serve as study leaders are focusing on: Urban mission / Urbanization / Global Christianity / Intercultural studies / AIC’s / Church planting / Church revitalization / Missio Dei / Theological Education / Missional Spirituality / Apologetics / Apologetic Methodology / Islam / Contextualization / Diaconate / Poverty and Development / Cults / etc.

It is important that each prospective student will:

  • Be provisionally accepted according to the requirements of the M&D Office of the NWU. The academic qualifications of each student as well as the student’s language proficiency must be determined and be acceptable.
  • The student should familiarize himself / herself with the current focus of Missiological research in the Faculty as described above. It will be mutually beneficial if the current research can be strengthened by the student’s proposed study. The study leaders will also be able to guide the students much more effectively in a study that can contribute to the current research being done.
  • The student should provide the Missiological subgroup with a research motivation / proposal that sufficiently outlines a clearly defined problem statement; an explanation of the actuality and / or necessity of this particular study; a hypothesis or presumed outcome envisaged, and the specific goals that the study wishes to achieve.  
  • This research motivation / proposal will be circulated to each member of the subgroup to find a study leader that is willing and able to guide the student in this study.
  • The final acceptance of the research motivation / proposal will only be determined if a suitable and willing study leader is available. 

Sub-group leaderr: