Moral development of the Society

The core definitions and application of the Reformational Theology on moral renewal in the process of nation building and the development of society. 


Guidelines for postgraduate studies within the sub-program:

  1. Admission to postgraduate study is handled by the Manager: M&D-Programs, in collaboration with the sub-program management (Proff AL Rheeder, N. Vorster, JM Vorster, Dr M Kotze). Selection is based on academic results, previous projects and / or research projects, and the guidelines set out below (Yearbook 2017).
  2. The following are guidelines which a graduate student must meet before he or she can be considered for further studies within the sub-program:
  • The student must meet the NWU's guidelines for admission to postgraduate studies.
  • A thorough knowledge of the epistemology of ethics are expected.
  • Students should be familiar with the basic concepts in ethics.
  • A research document (1000 words or 2 pages) must be submitted management at the sub-program for consideration:
    • This document must identify the subject of the proposed study and the research problem.
    • A brief background should be given to explain why the specific topic of interest.
    •  It should be clear that the research motivation went off for intensive reading.
    • A student should be sure why and what he / she wants to study.
  1. The theme of the study must fit within the scope of the sub-program:
  • Human Rights.
  • Moral renewal of the society.
  • Bioethics.
  • Theological anthropology.

4. Ethics:

  • This will require the student to undergo ethics training (eg. Http://
  • Should the student consider doing empirical research (eg. Quantitative and qualitative research), the student will have to demonstrate that he / she has received formal training in this regard.

Sub-group manager: