We seek to accommodate students who share our enthusiasm for various aspects related to ancient texts: from the contexts that informed their origins, to the cognitive structures that led to their production, and the history of their transmission, as well as the subsequent understanding of these texts in different contexts.

The following researchers give supervision to students working in their fields of expertise:

  • Prof NPL (Nicholas) Allen – Josephus, Deutero-canonical Literature
  • Prof. JW (Jaco) Gericke – Hebrew Bible, Philosophical Interpretation, Philosophy of Religion, Book of Ecclesiastes, Wisdom Literature
  • Prof. PJ (Pierre) Jordaan – New Testament, Deutero-canonical Literature, Spatiality
  • Prof. GR (Gideon) Kotzé – Hebrew Bible, Textual Criticism, Book of Lamentations
  • Prof HJM (Hans) van Deventer – Hebrew Bible, Book of Daniel, Hermeneutics
  • Dr. A (Aldred) Genade – New Testament, Rhetorical Criticism, Book of Titus
  • Dr. RS (Risimati) Hobyane – New Testament, Deutero-canonical Literature (Book of Judith), Greimas
  • Dr. A (At) Lamprecht – Hebrew Bible, Cognitive Linguistics, Book of Job, Metaphor
  • Dr. JJ (Johan) Steenkamp – Latin Poetry (Vergil, Propertius)


Sub-group Leader