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Research Unit

Unit for Reformational Theology and the Development of the SA Society

The Unit for Reformational Theology and the Development of the South African Society (URT) strives to make a theological-scientific contribution to important debates in South Africa. The Unit functions according to eight subprogrammes: Bibliological Perspectives, Ecclesiological Perspectives, Missiological Perspectives, Ethical perspectives, Practical Theology, Public Practical Theology, African Spiritualities and leadership, and Ecumenism.


Research Focus Area:

Ancient Texts: Text, Context, and Reception

Research conducted in the Focus Area, Ancient Texts: Text, Context and Reception, focuses on the interfaces between various fields in Ancient Languages, Ancient Cultures, Linguistics and Literature studies. Researchers investigating the fields of Latin, Greek, and Semitic Languages (including Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, Old Aramaic, Syriac, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Arabic, Qumran studies and others) joined forces to form this highly specialised and productive research group in South Africa.