Honours Programme

The school of Ancient Language and Text Studies offers honours courses in Latin, Greek and Semitic Languages. These courses are NQF-level 8 qualifications with a minimum of 120 credits and should be taken after completing the undergraduate courses in one's language(s) of choice.

The programme requires the completion of four electives from one or more of the courses offered (even across languages), a compulsory module on methodology, and a mini-dissertation that is internally supervised individually and externally evaluated.

For more information about specific subject please refer to the yearbook.


Master's & Doctoral Programmes

The School of Ancient Languages and Texts Studies offers Greek, Latin, and Semitic Languages on MA and PhD levels.

Students who intend to apply to the School for one of these programmes usually have a preferred study leader in mind and this study leader becomes their first point of contact. However, anyone is free to contact the School for more information.

Prospective students are usually referred to the research entity Ancient Texts: Texts Contexts and Reception, where they enter into discussion with the director of research and are formally assigned a supervisor within a specific domain. It is through the research entity and the supervisor that Master's and Doctoral students are guided through drafting a research proposal, selecting a title and registering their projects.