Postgraduate Faculty Bursary


Application process

  1. Eligible and interested postgraduate students registered in the Faculty of Theology should submit the following documentation as part of the application process
  2. A letter (1 page maximum) in which you indicate that you apply for the bursary.  The following information should be noted in the letter:  initials, surname, name of study leader / promoter (or potential study leader or promoter), the qualification you are enrolled for / plan to enrol for, acknowledgement that the student is enrolled as a full-time student, the working title of the MA or PhD project, the year in which the study is and a motivation for the application.
  3. Your research proposal (the most recent version of the proposal with an indication if the proposal was already accepted by the Committee for Advanced Degrees) or a concept proposal (maximum of 3 pages with information about the working title of the study, a brief paragraph that contextualised the problem of the study, the problem that the study wants to focus on, the research questions and methods you plan to use to get information to answer the research questions and a BRIEF and SELECTED bibliography).

Applications should be submitted electronically to the Faculty Bursary Administrator via the email address before The Closing Date stipulated.


  1. Applications that comply with the eligibility criteria will be submitted to the Faculty Bursary Committee on


The following conditions apply:

  1. You have to register for your postgraduate degree within the Faculty of Theology.
  2. You have to make substantive progress with your research proposal or chapters of your dissertation or thesis during the year of registration for which the bursary is awarded, to the satisfaction of your study leader or promoter.
  3. You have to contribute to the writing of 1 article under the supervision of your study leader or promoter during the said year of registration.
  4. The continuation of the bursary, to a maximum of two years for a masters degree and four years for a doctoral degree, is dependent upon the availability of NWU funding, and on the condition that you make satisfactory progress with your postgraduate study, to the satisfaction of the Faculty Bursary Committee based on the recommendation of your supervisor or promoter.
  5. If you do not make progress to the satisfaction of your study leader or promoter, the bursary is not extended to the next year.
  6. If you do not finish your degree within the prescribed period, the bursary will be converted into a loan that you have to pay back.



Payment of the bursary

  1. The bursary money is paid into your student account and your class fees and other NWU fees are first paid from the bursary money. 
  2. If some bursary money remains in the student account after NWU accounts were paid, a student can apply via the NWU approved process prescribed by academic administration for the payment of bursary money to pay for costs related to the study (e.g. the printing of the dissertation or thesis; language editing; statistical consultation fees; expenditures related to the gathering and collection of data) or your sustenance as a student (e.g. rent money, food, transport). 
  3. The bursary is paid in four equal segments:
  4. After receipt of proof of registration;
  5. July;
  6. October
  7. After receipt of the progress report from your promoter to the Faculty Bursary Committee in October. You will be allowed to apply for your Bursary renewal upon satisfactory progress.
  8. Applications for the next year take in November for the following year.


Arrangements for the administration of the bursary

  1. The bursary is administrated by the Faculty Bursary Administrator.
  2. You should please submit the following documentation to the Faculty Bursary Administrator if your application is approved and when you accept the bursary:
  3. Your proof of registration;