The Faculty of Theology of the North-West University practises the science of Theology on Reformational foundation. This implies recognition that the Word of God, the Bible, originated through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that the Bible is therefore inspired and authoritative. This is the basis on which all paradigms (including our own) are subjected to constant critical and reformative study, while accommodating staff members and students of other theological persuasions who respect this Reformational foundation and inclusive approach.(Read more)

The School of Ancient Language and Text Studies falls under the Faculty of Theology and is chiefly concerned with research relating to the Ancient World, its languages and its material culture. The School houses leading authorities in Classical Latin, Ancient Greek, and the languages of the Ancient Near East, specifically the Aramaic and the Hebrew of the Tenach, but also Arabic, Acadian, Syriac, Ugaritic and Old-Aramaic. (Read More)

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Ancient Language and Text Studies