The Faculty of Theology of the North-West University practises the science of Theology on Reformational foundation. This implies recognition that the Word of God, the Bible, originated through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that the Bible is therefore inspired and authoritative. This is the basis on which all paradigms (including our own) are subjected to constant critical and reformative study, while accommodating staff members and students of other theological persuasions who respect this Reformational foundation and inclusive approach.(Read more)

The School of Ancient Language and Text Studies falls under the Faculty of Theology and is chiefly concerned with research relating to the Ancient World, its languages, and its material culture. The School houses leading authorities in Classical Latin, Ancient Greek, and the languages of the Ancient Near East, specifically the Aramaic and the Hebrew of the Tenach, but also Arabic, Acadian, Syriac, Ugaritic, and Old-Aramaic. (Read more)



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The Fatherhood Training and Equipping Programme and Project: A Life Beyond Iron Bars regarding the Faculty of Theology’s Community Engagement

The Fatherhood Training and Equipping Programme with the Project: A life beyond Iron Bars is one of the Faculty of Theology's community engagement programs and projects. This program and project is hosted and managed by Fazel Freeks at the Potchefstroom Correctional Services, also known as the Potchefstroom Remand Detention Facility. The Faculty's involvement and collaboration with the Faculty of Educational Sciences (Distance Learning) regarding community engagement is transdisciplinary of nature. Fazel Freeks and Suegnet Smit not only run the program and project, but act both as mentors to the inmates. As a result of the Fatherhood Programme, Theology also works with FAMSA (Families South Africa) which is an NPO (non-profit organization). Furthermore, Theology is in collaboration with Pastor H.P (Peter) Africa of the Real Life Assemblies of God, where Pastor Peter helps with mentoring among inmates who are released on parole. The objectives of the programme and project for 2018, is to finalize the ethical process so that research can commence in the prison and to collaborate with other communities such as churches and schools. Community Engagement and Teaching and Learning are integrated and the Past 221 full time students of Theology go annually through excursions to the Correctional Services to give hope and do Pastoral guidance among the inmates.



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