Registration Process

A registration form must be requested from your faculty advisor (contact details below) or from or  / . The completed and signed registration form accompanied by proof of payment (deposit slip or internet printout, or an official letter from a bursar and/or establishment) must be submitted to the Higher Degree Administration office.

First Time Master and Doc registration Guide

Registration cannot take place unless the completed registration form and proof of payment have been submitted.

The registration form compiled of the following sections:

Personal details:
Outdated and/or inaccurate information must be amended on the registration form.

Students in full-time employment:
Complete details.

Contact Details:
Outdated and/or inaccurate information must be amended on the registration form. Communication is mainly done electronically, therefore the correct e-mail address and cell phone number is of the utmost importance.

Any outstanding balance will be presented in this section.

Post-school academic transcript:
The student’s qualifications are presented in this section.

Official decisions/academic transcript and qualification summary per program:
For information purposes only.

Module Selection Form:
Please ensure that you have been accepted for the correct qualification, as you will be registered accordingly. Students must clearly specify the modules they wish to register for in the case of structured qualifications. Only modules that will be taken in the specific academic year must be indicated on the module selection form. Please indicate whether it is a major/electives or additional module. If you are uncertain about selecting modules, please contact your faculty advisor.
It is very important that the student sign the Agreement at the bottom of the module selection form. Students will not be registered without this signature.

Please note that all outstanding documents and/or information relating to the application must be submitted before/during registration.


Example of registration form to be signed: