Students must take note that fulltime access to the internet with a speed of 2Mbs and a computer are prerequisites as all study material are only accessible electronically.

In keeping up with the current rapid changes in world technology, it has become essential for every new comer, contact, and distance student of the Faculty of Theology to possess a lap top or similar device.  The reason is that you will receive all your study material (study guides) in digital format and the retrieval of instructions and official communications with your tutor will also be via your lap top. WiFi is available in all the Theology buildings and on most of the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU. If you do not have access to a lap top or similar device, and plan to purchase one, we strongly recommend the following specifications: Intel Core i3, 4GB + RAM, 250 GB hard drive space, WiFi conectivity. The NWU is part of a national initiative to empower students with laptops. Visit the following website to find out more. The prices of the products are very reasonable with up to 35% discount on the fixed price list of some of the models.



Students who wish to register for the Candidate Certificate of the Reformed Churches in South Africa must undergo the ecclesiastical screening process, conducted by the Curators of the Theological School Potchefstroom, well in advance (before the commencement of their studies). This screening is usually scheduled during September and October of the year prior to the first year of study. (More information on this is available at the administrative office of the Theological School: Tel. 018-285 2352, or at:



Students who wish to train for the ordained ministry in the AFM must complete the following prescribed selection procedure before the beginning of their studies.

After their academic training, students must complete an AFM-guided internship (MIL) as preparation for their ordination. During their internship students are guided by a senior AFM pastor to experience the practical side of the ministry and their involvement in it. They must apply to the AFM for their internship during their final year of academic preparation.

The selection of AFM students to register for the qualifying BTh qualification programme takes place during September and October of the year prior to the commencement of studies. More information can be obtained at or 012 644 0490. The application of a student to register at the NWU for this BTh qualification programme in order to be admitted to ordained ministry in the AFM, will only be recognised by AFM if the application includes an AFM admission document. 



Information on theological training for the ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church, and the Nederduits-Hervormde Church and other denominations can be obtained from the Faculty Administrator of the Faculty of Theology: Tel. 018 299 1847, e-mail