Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the university is ensuring that the necessary health and safety protocols are put into place to assure the health and safety of our students, staff and community.  There will therefore be no physical curriculum control this year.
The registration period for online registrations for returning/senior students is from 18/01/2021- 9/4/21.
To assist our students, we made our qualification curriculum control forms electronically available, should you first want to complete it and consult with the relevant faculty coordinator, qualification programme leader or faculty administrator to assist you with your curriculum control if needed. Please make use of the services we offer to ensure that you register correctly.

Curriculum control

To access you curriculum control form, click below on the specific qualification programme you are registered for, download it and save it with your name and number.  Complete the fillable PDF document and send it via email to the applicable qualification programme leader or faculty coordinator for assistance if needed. Once you received feedback you may register online for the indicated modules.

Contact details

The qualification programme leaders and their email addresses are as follows:


The amendment period (via Adds&Drops DIY app) for module / qualification changes for seniors is from 15/02/2021 - 9/4/2021. Please consult the DIY Adds& Drops how-to guide for students.


Herewith the lecture timetable for the first semester of 2021. Note that all contact classes of the first semester will take place online due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Although there will be no contact classes, this timetable will serve as a tool to help you. The time allocated to a specific module on slot available for communication between students and the lecturer, which can be used at the lecturer's discretion. This timetable is only for modules within the Faculty of Theology, while timetables for modules outside the faculty is available on the NWU website.

Important dates


All of the best with your curriculum control and registration. May you have a blessed academic year!