Study leaders are appointed by the Subprogram managers, and should please take cognizance of the following:

  • that all student signs an ethical code of conduct form;
  • that your student completes a progress report every year.

Research proposal; approval process and title registration

  • As soon as the first registration has taken place, a research proposal must be formulated in collaboration with the study leader/promoter. The research proposal must be formulated in compliance with NWU requirements.
  • When the study leader/promoter is satisfied with the research proposal, a cover page must be completed with the research proposal pasted at the top.
  • The research proposal is then submitted by the study leader/ promoter to the Sub-program Submissions Committee (SSC) for its approval.
  • When the research proposal has been approved by the SSC, the study leader / promoter submits it to the Scientific Committee for approval.
  • Should the Scientific Committee also approve the research proposal, the RP is send through to the Commission for Advanced Degrees (CAD) to access it technically and forward it to the Ethics Committee for ethical approval.
  • After receiving the ethical approval, the M&D Office prepares a title registration document and submit it to the Executive Committee of the Faculty for approval.
  • As soon as the Executive Committee approves the title registration document, the title is then formally registered and may the student, who in the meantime had been busy with his / her literature study, proceed with the research and documenting of the results.

Title registration must ideally be completed in the first year of registration.

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